HUIHOST User Service Terms

Welcome to HUIHOST (hereinafter referred to as "this station"). We must explain the following explanations and guidelines in order to protect the rights and interests of both parties.

Please read the following terms carefully. If you object to any of the terms of this agreement, you may choose not to enter HUIHOST. When you register successfully, once you enter HUIHOST, it means that you (the "user") fully accept all the terms under this agreement.

Use of rules


HUIHOST agrees to provide services ("services" or "services") to customers through its own and / or any subsidiary body under this agreement. The "service order" should refer to any service order, authorization form or order to describe and specify the price of the service purchased by the customer. Both sides confirm that the obligation of HUIHOST to provide services depends on obtaining all necessary licensing and consent.


The term of the agreement shall start from the date of effective service until the expiry of the expiry date of the expiry date, unless it terminates in advance ("time limit for agreement") under this agreement. The duration of each service is listed in the applicable service appendix or service order. HUIHOST reserves the right to change the tax rate within any renewal period, and notify the customer at least sixty (60) days before the effective date of the tax change. Unless either party terminates at least thirty (30) days before the date of termination, the service should automatically update the same duration of the same period as the service initial period.

3.Billing / payment

The settlement of each service should start on the effective service date. The customer will pay all the due and HUIHOST payments on a monthly basis. All payments are due within the terms specified in the order, without cancellation or request. All invoices shall be deemed to be final and binding unless the customer notifs any discrepancy of the HUIHOST in written form within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. All payments required by this Agreement do not include any state, state, municipal government or other government consumption taxes, sales, VAT and occupational taxes, and other fees and taxes, all of which are charged by the customer and paid in full. HUIHOST has the right to charge for payment outside customer portal.


Cancellation must be submitted through the request cancellation link in the client portal. All cancellations must be completed (30) a few days before the service renewal date.

5.Abide by the law

A HUIHOST's network and services can only be used according to protocol. Customers and their customers and end-users will always comply with all applicable legal and regulatory HUIHOST operating procedures and the HUIHOST's acceptable use policy.HUIHOST to retain the right to monitor customer activities in order to achieve the purpose of internal network utilization and reliability. The use and reliability monitoring of HUIHOST does not include inspection of customer data, unless (I) considers it necessary to conduct such inspections to exclude customer problems, and the customer agrees to carry out such inspections; or (II) such review is conducted under any judicial order, search order or statutory requirement, and in this case the HUIHOST should provide it to it Notification, as long as judicial orders, search orders or statutory requirements allow notice. Any monitoring of HUIHOST is subject to the confidentiality provisions specified in this agreement. The Customer acknowledges that HUIHOST has any and all content, including but not limited to data, text, multimedia images (such as graphics, audio and video files), software, applications, or other materials, or under the control of the HUIHOST representative of the customer ("content") on the content (customer or customer's end user and / or customer). Any content that is shared or processed on the device and the customer is responsible for ensuring that the information and content of the end user and / or customer are transmitted, received or used in conformity with AUP and all applicable laws and regulations.

B For any reason, HUIHOST can suspend or prevent access services or all services (every kind of such case, "service suspension") without notice: (a) compliance with any law, regulation, court order, or other government orders or requests for immediate action (b) to prevent interference from the HUIHOST network and damage Or degradation; (c) eliminate dangerous situations; or (d) abuse of services. During the period of service suspension, the customer shall not be exempted from the payment obligation under this agreement.


A Services are provided as "original" and "available", and HUIHOST does not make any form of guarantee or statement (S), software, or equipment for any result of service, software or equipment, or any result realized by using the service. HUIHOST denies all guarantees, including merchantability, quality, application for specific purposes, no infringement and ownership, and all implied warranties caused by the transaction process, use or trade practice. Use any information obtained by using the HUIHOST network to take risks from customers. HUIHOST specifically declares that it is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of the information obtained through its services.

B HUIHOST has no or no control over the performance of any data, product or service controlled by third parties. Because the actions or omission of the third party may cause or destroy the HUIHOST service (S). HUIHOST does not make any statements and explicitly denies all guarantees for any third party (including telecommunications or network products or service providers) for data, products or services. Such data, products and services do not commit any error or interruption, and HUIHOST, its service provider and supplier explicitly reject all responsibilities caused by such errors, interrupts or other failures.


Usually the computer room will do routine maintenance and regular system maintenance. Upgrading and reconfiguration may result in temporary damage or interruption of service. Therefore, to inconvenience to your customers, please forgive me!

8.Jurisdictional law

This Agreement shall not become a binding obligation of HUIHOST before the execution of HUIHOST officials. The parties agree that any dispute arising from this Agreement shall be governed and interpreted by the local laws of the United States, except for the principle of conflict resolution. The parties agree that any dispute arising under this Agreement shall be settled in the United States or federal court.


The customer may not transfer this agreement or any part of the agreement without prior written consent of the HUIHOST, so long as the customer may transfer this agreement or part of it, the agreement shall not be unreasonably refusing, (I) if the merger does not reasonably retain the surviving entity; (II) the sale of all or the vast majority of its assets; or (III) control, any party controlled by or controlled by the Party (further stipulates that if the client is assigned to any such party, the transferee must have the same or better reputation with the client, determined by HUIHOST). In addition to the above provisions, this Agreement shall be binding and bound by the parties hereto and their respective successors and assignee.

10.Liability limitation

A The overall cumulative liability of HUIHOST and its suppliers to customers and / or any third party to this agreement is limited to direct damages to the customer. Such direct losses do not exceed the total net payments received by HUIHOST in the 12 month period from the date of the claim, resulting in the affected services of such liability. The above stipulates the sole remedy for breach of this agreement by HUIHOST. For some services, HUIHOST licenses some software of the third party to be used with these services. Liability for direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages arising from the use of software and hardware by such third party suppliers.

B The Customer acknowledges and agrees that, in any case, HUIHOST does not bear any loss, whether it is a contract or a tort, including but not limited to direct, consequential (including but not limited to profit loss), the cost of replacing the goods, special, (I) compliance with the US Copyright Law, or (II) satisfied with the "Digital Millennium Edition. The requirements for the safety port specified in the 512nd section of the bill of rights include demonstrative, incidental and indirect damage due to compliance or reasonable attempt, including but not limited to any behavior that HUIHOST leads to the interruption or suspension of services.

11.Secrecy information

A Unless a legal or court or government order requires disclosure, in this case, the Discloser will issue a notice as reasonable as possible, unless such an order explicitly limits such notice, or unless such information is disclosed, any party shall not disclose any article, condition or term of this Agreement without the written consent of the other party. What is not public information (collectively referred to as "confidential information"). In spite of the above provisions, each party may disclose confidential information to any consultant, contractor and consultant who needs to know the basis, and has signed a confidential agreement with the disclosing party for reasonable protection.

B HUIHOST can receive or access personal data either through or through customers in fulfilling its responsibilities under this agreement. HUIHOST shall not disclose or use personal data for any reason in order to perform its obligations and responsibilities under this agreement, or in accordance with the law.


In addition to the additional services ordered in the appendix of service orders and / or services, this agreement can only be modified by written documents executed by both parties.

13.Force majeure

In addition to the obligation to provide service payment, no party does not have any reason (including but not limited to war) that this agreement exceeds its reasonable scope of control (including but not limited to war). This agreement is God, earthquake, flood, embargo, riot, destruction, labor shortage or dispute, government behavior, interconnected failures, terrorist acts, third Failure of the power station, power failure or communication line failure.


If any part of this agreement is deemed to be not enforceable, the non executable part shall be interpreted as far as possible in accordance with the applicable law to reflect the original intention of the party, and the rest of the provisions shall remain fully effective and affected.

15.Give up

HUIHOST any provision which fails to uphold or strictly enforce this Agreement shall not be interpreted as waiving any terms or rights. Any act or trade practice between the parties shall not modify any provisions of this agreement.