Company Profile

HUIHOST.com ("HUIHOST") is a professional provider of domain name registration, dedicated independent server, large bandwidth server, station group server, cloud server and other service enterprises. In the United States, there are data centers in Losangeles / Miami / Dallas / Chicago. The company has an operation team composed of senior technical experts, excellent management and service personnel, and has the ability to solve problems quickly and widely. Let customers rest assured to enjoy high safety, high stability and high speed environment. To help large enterprises choose servers and big data products that are really suitable for their business needs.

Our Advantages

  • Have rich resources

    Losangeles / Miami / Dallas / Chicago data center computer room, etc.

  • High quality service

    Service consciousness of "high technology, high quality and high level"

  • Strong network

    With G bandwidth, the speed of accessing the mainland is fast, and the Ping value is low.

  • 24 hour service

    24 hours service hotline and computer room technicians monitoring service system

Contact Us

  • +(225)395-1660

    Provide hotline services for you, get relevant service support
  • sales@huihost.com

    For you to provide mail service